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Trade and Justice question - International Relations Theory Forum

About Trade and Justice question

Previous Entry Trade and Justice question Apr. 12th, 2007 @ 09:34 am Next Entry
cross posted from my lj, so for those who have friended me and don't want to read it twice I'll put it behind a cut

There is a lot of quite valid critique of free trade based on economic justice for developing states; also there have been articles in Foreign Affairs that argue that middle states are having a big problem in finding a good niche in a globalised world. Free traders are beginning to argue that with the current economic distribution that exists, total free trade will be damaging.*

Is there such thing as a just global trade system?

Kapstein's definition of measuring whether a system is just is that it is participatory, inclusive, and welfare enhancing for all participants.# Is this an adequate definition, or does it need refining?

Would it be possible to construct a just trading system based on these principles of justice?


* Kapstein, Ethan B, Toward a Level Playing Field: Economic Justice in an Unfair World, Princeton University Press, New Jersey.

# Ibid. Kapstein argues that if a system does not have all these elements, then there will be no reason why states will be enticed to enter into such a system in the first place.
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Date:August 23rd, 2007 04:06 pm (UTC)
hey dave baker, I used to be on LJ but gave up my account, "chelvis". I was one of your LJ "friends" and we were both in this community. Could you please post this to the IR_theory community blog, there may be people who read it who might want to check it out.

Hope all is well,
"chelvis"/ chris


oh, also, if you use bookmooch.com, my username is chelvis.
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