Master's Thesis

I am having trouble finding an international topic to do for a Master's thesis. This does not have to be a topic completely unique, but I really have already written small papers about all the topics that interest me, and I rather have something fresh since any fun will be exhausted by the time I complete the paper.

So anyone have ideas for a good topic to explore?
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I haven't looked at these links, but it sounds interesting:

from Slashdot:

"A University of Georgia scientist has developed a statistical system that can, she claims, predict the outcome of wars with an accuracy of 80 percent. Her approach, applied retrospectively, says the US chance of victory in the first Gulf War was 93%, while the poor Soviets only had a 7% chance in Afghanistan (if only they'd known; failure maybe triggered the collapse of the USSR). As for the current Iraq conflict: the US started off with a 70% chance of a successful regime change, which was duly achieved — but extending the mission past this to support a weak government has dropped the probability of ultimate success to 26%. Full elaboration of the forecasting methodology is laid out in a new paper (subscription required — link goes to the abstract). Some details can be gleaned from her 2006 draft (PDF)."

The English School

Hi, my name is Katie and I'm studying Politics in at UCL (London, England). I'm doing my final year dissertation at the moment. The focus of my dissertation is EU Expansion from the perspective of the English School (Rationalism).

Does anyone have suggests as to good articles or books about the solidarism strand within the English School?

Also, does anyone know of any texts that look at the EU written by English School theorists? As most of the main writers focus on contemporary International Society.

Many thanks!
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I.R. the Academic Way

Does anybody know school ranking for International Affairs M.A. or Ph.D Programs, or a place to find them? Do such things really matter. Or howabout a guide to I.R. and related degree programs across the US, or internationally?

I am thinking about applying to two different schools, one is a newish program at a respected school, the other an apparently rigorous program with lots of theory and an impressive history of scholars and bright classmates, but at a smaller institution with (possibly) less name recognition. So, I'm looking for some outside opinions.

Also, how many of you folks are in I.R.-related programs, or thinking about it? Thanks for all responses!
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Hi, my name is Pari, and I just graduated from Boston University. I'm actually really interested in going to grad school for International Policy/Relations. I've been doing research for different grad schools.

That is all :)